Saturday, June 21, 2014

Posting Concert Pics

Y'all know the drill, just like Mumford last year. Send in your Zac Brown Band concert photos to and I'll post 'em to the blog.

Update: Very few pickin's when it comes to photos of this Saturday's concert. But here's one I found on Twitter. What do I have to do? Attend every single concert myself to get pics? Come on people! Step up! By the way, I did find it funny to see around 11p.m. a group of what looked like sorority girls who couldn't have seemed more out of place in FoHi giggling uncontrollably, beer cups in hand, as they ran toward their parked party van in front of the new CVS on Queens Blvd. Yup, some of these concerts are bringing them in by the party/sorority-van-loads from who knows where. The local bars and restaurants must be having a field day! And I'm so happy to see it. That's what I was saying all that time when I was railing against those visionless local politicians who wanted to demolish our awesome Stadium and put up senior housing in its place. Remember those days? Geez....

Photo by @cabadasss


  1. the toothless hillbillies who went to see that shit don't know how to operate a camera, much less e-mail pics to a blog.

    1. A bit harsh, but you may be kinda right. I can barely find anything on Twitter and haven't received a single pic. I found one on Twitter that I'll post.

  2. Dirty Pierres posted some on their facebook page!