Thursday, July 24, 2014

Spicing Things Up At Jade

I just saw this news over at DNAInfo: Spicy Sushi Sandwiches, Mango Drinks Ring in Summer at Forest Hills Eatery about Jade hiring a new chef who's worked at Spice Market, Buddakan and 11 Madison Park.

I recently ordered in some food from Jade and not sure if it has anything to do with it, but was really amazed at the flavors of their simple chicken with broccoli dish. I cannot remember being so impressed with it from there before. Now I'm wondering if this is this new chef's doing. Whichever the case, the dish was incredibly flavored with a blend of savory and sweet spices. Absolutely loved it and highly recommend it. I had been kind of put off by Jade for a while because I was finding that the quality of their dishes didn't justify their prices. This one dish has changed my mind completely. I rank it up there with one of the best versions of this simple Chinese dish I have ever eaten (and that's a life-long New Yorker/Long Islander talking, which makes me an honorary expert on Chinese food).


  1. The tuna tacos are amazing.

    1. Is the tuna wild or farmed?

  2. I've always loved Jade. My husband and I even had our wedding reception there! But I am a bit sad that they have taken many of our old favorites off of the tapas menu since the new chef came on. Everything they have is still quite tasty, but why do away with the most delicious Jade Mini Burger?! The new burger trio does not include the old classic. And the mini samosas. And crab wontons... Waaaahhh! Really wish they would bring back the old, even just one special night a week..

  3. I've always enjoyed Jade. But I never thought there was a problem in the Kitchen. The problem was the service staff. Did get to try the cooking recently, I thought it was excellent.