Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's Forest Hills Vs. Seattle for Pearl Jam

Who would've ever thunk it?

Pearl Jam fans clash over campaign to bring the band to the legendary Forest Hills Stadium in Queens
A crowdsourcing effort to bring Pearl Jam to Forest Hills is being thwarted by some fans who want the band to play in Seattle. “It has a lot of historical significance,” fan Dan Sheffer said of the venue, which hosted superstars like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and the Beatles in the ’60s and ’70s.
By the way, I love this quote:
“The place is in some state of disrepair (and) the curfew is WAY too early for a band like Pearl Jam,” wrote one fan, PJ Soul, on Community.PearlJam.com, referring to the mandatory 10 p.m. shutdown at Forest Hills Stadium. “I wouodn’t (sic) go all the way out there unless it was MSG or Yankee Stadium or something.”

"State of disrepair"? Try newly renovated, and even before, it was as good as any other stadium...

"All the way out there"? What are we living in Nebraska? Try 20-25 minutes to midtown Manhattan on the subway, moron.  Oh, and that while living in apartments that aren't the size of walk-in closets with indents in the walls of your kitchens you make believe are showers and which you play a zillion dollars for. Now who's "out there"?

Oh, and curfew? The concerts begin and end a bit earlier than some other venues so as not to disturb nearby residents very late into the night. That hasn't negatively impacted any of the other shows there. People have loved them so far. 


  1. PJ Soul will be missing a good show!

  2. "all the way out there...MSG or Yankee Stadium" LOL sounds like a transplant/tourist

  3. Never mind that Yankee stadium is actually much harder to get to than FH