Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bonelle Gets a Reprieve

In case you haven't heard already, The Daily News has reported that the Bonelle pastry shop may not be about to be evicted after all:

Sweet! Bonelle Pastry Shop in Forest Hills remains open while a new lease deal is hashed out
The popular bakery on Ascan Ave. in Forest Hills was set to lose its lease at the end of December. But a strong public outcry to keep the beloved pastry shop open may have convinced the landlord to work out a deal.


  1. Good for them, if this is true. Every time I stopped to think about what kind of ridiculous business would take over that spot, my flesh would crawl.

  2. I've been avoiding walking past this place because I didn't think I could handle seeing it all empty and gutted, so this is a big relief!

  3. So they'll close in 2016 instead...