Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Middle School Students Trying to Save Math Team

The Math Team at the Russell Sage Middle School on Austin St. in Forest Hills is in need of donations.

It is a unique group of talented middle school kids with the drive, ambition and dream to compete in math competitions and improve their chances for a future in careers that involve math!

The coaches for this team donate all of their time and work with the team multiple times each week. The team has been an ongoing successful project changing the lives of many middle school kids who credit the team and the coaches for their confidence and success in a world that usually only supports athletic teams.

The math team will donate an hour for every hundred dollars donated to the NYC Food Bank. They believe in paying it forward. They need some financial support to continue competing and getting the word out that there is a place for every talent and gift.

Please click here to make a donation:  Help Russell Sage Math Team


  1. What a wonderful cause! I used to compete in Math contests and I can honestly say that I would never be where I am today if it weren't for the teachers who sacrificed a lot of their time to train me for these competitions. From the Philippines to NYC - I am eternally grateful. I've already donated and I hope they reach their goal!

  2. Why iis it that athletic teams get funding but acedemic teams do not?

  3. Because no one cares for a bunch of math nerds, even if they could be the future of our economy.