Sunday, May 31, 2015

All Day Event at Forest Hills Barnes & Noble Today

Organizers are trying to keep the Forest Hills Barnes & Noble on Austin Street from closing:

Updated agenda: 5/31 All Day Celebration at Barnes & Noble - Help Save Our Store!

FREE SPECIAL EVENT to commemorate 20th anniversary at 70-00 Austin St. on SUN, MAY 31 from 10:00 AM to 7 PM: Barnes & Noble and Author Michael Perlman are proud to invite the community to Customer Appreciation Day. The eventful lineup will feature:

- A book “Buy-In” to help support Barnes & Noble, which is under threat of closing… Purchase any book all day long.
- Free food from Knish Nosh, Red Pipe Organic Café, & La Boulangerie
- Exo Cafe will raffle a gift certificate
- Beginning at 10 AM: Raffle – Enter to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 7” tablet!
Free B&N tote bag for the 1st 200 customers making a purchase.
- 2:30 PM: Children’s storytime with SKITTLES THE CLOWN, balloon animals & face painting
- 4 PM: Performances by notable musicians LOU MICHAELS & DOUG LEBLANG

- 5 PM: Author MICHAEL PERLMAN will have a book talk & signing of his new book, LEGENDARY LOCALS OF FOREST HILLS AND REGO PARK & notable magician MICHAEL CHAUT will leave his audience spell-bound:

Barnes & Noble event listing:

More to come! Please invite your friends.

And… Don’t forget to sign the petition to save Barnes & Noble:


  1. I haven't spoken to a single FoHi resident over the last few weeks who wasn't horrified at the possibility of losing our Barnes & Noble. Let's hope all of our efforts make an impact!

  2. Why so all the losers can read books for free and all the Starbucks trolls can hangout on their laptops all day with 1 coffee and a free refill? Good riddance..!!

    1. You should try reading a book; you might learn something.

    2. People who enjoy books, coffee and a cozy atmosphere = losers

      People who spread internet vitriol anonymously = full of class, apparently

      You keep on believing that. Whatever helps you sleep at night, dude.

      (Since when does Starbucks offer free refills of ANYTHING?)

    3. I enjoy books -- I purchase them from most younger people; sometimes in Kindle format and sometimes hardcover.

      It's not people who enjoy books that are losers -- it's the cheap people I always see hanging out at the Starbucks and B&N. They spend next to $0. Hey, some even bring kids to distract them with all the books -- almost like a daycare.

      Get it through your think skulls; this is a for PROFIT business -- you don't monetarily support it - it dies!! See Anonymous post (June 1 - 5:03 PM) as an example!!!

  3. Unfortunately the event was a bust. I work there. If all the people that have signed the petition over the last couple of weeks actually shopped at the store this wouldn't be a problem. It's sad that people are more talk then action.

  4. My sentiment exactly!!!

  5. I'm relieved there are people actually trying to take some ACTION to stop this!!

  6. As Community relations manager of this B&N I would like to express our thanks to Michael Perlman and the many local talents and purveyors who donated their time and provisions to make our Customer Appreciation Day a success with over 2000 shopping and attending to show their support. Thank you all.