Sunday, June 14, 2015

Forest Hills' Gay Bar To Close

A reader sent me this from Pride Lounge's Facebook Page:
My good friends it has been a great journey I want to thank everyone for being great friends supporters to Pride lounge and me; I have really had a great experience and crazy parties, the LBGT community has been so great, thank you for supported me as a straight business man but unfortunately the spending and the register doesn't reach my goals so come and celebrate the last few days of Pride lounge; starting July 1 I am Changing the identity


  1. So...the bar isn't actually closing down, it's just being changed into an all-purpose bar?

    1. Yeah, I wasn't clear on that either. His phrasing is so vague!

  2. What a shame that he had to make this announcement during Pride Month.

  3. I live in Forest Hills and I am gay . I have never heard of this place.
    The owners truly did not publicize the bar to the rest of the Gay community.
    What a Shame !

  4. The owner is a real piece of work. On the Pride Facebook page, he posted a video of a woman stealing something from the bar, and he referred to her using a derogatory name for lesbians. I've also heard other bad things about him, but that's hearsay so I won't repeat it. It's a shame we have to lose our one gay bar, but we don't need people like him around our community.

  5. This was a truly horrible excuse for a gay bar. Just horrible. I went there soon after it opened and it was mind-boggling how terriblel it was.

    1) The waitress was a young straight woman. That would have been fine if it was a straight bar.
    2) The drinks were expensive and watered down.
    3) The music was so loud that you literally had to shout to engage in a conversation.

    Not surprised that it is closing, but surprised it took so long.

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