Sunday, June 14, 2015

Forest Hills Street Fair Pics

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Noticeable at today's "Forest Hills Festival of the Arts," as they call it, was the participation of a large—and ever-growing—number of local bars and restaurants, and a much more interesting mix of vendors than what we used to see at these NYC street fairs. I had a couple of amazing empanadas, for instance, and have this very delicious looking high-end chocolate with sea salt doughnut awaiting me in my fridge. And the freshly-made strawberry lemonade wasn't so bad either...

Dare I say it? The Forest Hills Austin Street Fair is emerging as an event that I might actually just look forward to in the future. Does anyone know when the next one will be held?

Station House had a pop-up "beer garden"


  1. Don't they usually have 2 per year: one in June and one in the fall (late Sept./early Oct.)?

    I had a really good time there this afternoon, but I will say that I didn't find the array of vendors any better OR worse than last year. Maybe you just haven't been paying close enough attention? :)

  2. First, I missed the sock and spice guys. We count on them. Second, I found a few new food options that were exciting! The flautas were to die for, and the pork sandwiches were solid. I do think the prices could drop a bit. I'm concerned about the amount of drinking I saw today. I'd hate for this to become a problem-filled festival. -DW

    1. What are you, apart of the Temperance movement? Adults want to have fun in the sun as well!!! Tired of these concerned parents in this neighborhood -- it makes this hood a really lame part of the city...

    2. I'm not a parent.

  3. It was refreshing to see a German food vendor for a change! Didn't see Waffles and Dings truck today.

  4. October th, which for the 3rd consecutive year coincides with the season finale of the Mets, sans playoffs

  5. There were several great food options, but I missed the gourmet mac and cheese they were selling last year. :(

  6. The next one should be in early autumn!

    I had a really good time this year. But now that you mention it, I noticed a lot more public drinking than in previous years as well...

  7. The double strollers I could do without at these kind of events. So many people that walked around like they were the only ones walking.

    There were enough cops walking around to stop any illegal shenanigans if the "public drinking" was a problem.

    Since there were no reports of anything bad happening yesterday, I guess it's not an issue.

    I wish there was a bigger place with tables and chairs (possibly under a big tent) so that you can sit and enjoy all the food/non boozy drinks comfortably.