Monday, July 6, 2015

Local Food Update

A couple of recent food experiences to share...

Agora Taverna

Is it just me, or has Agora Taverna on Austin St. gotten a lot better with time? The last couple of times I've been there (experiences stretched over several months) I've enjoyed what I've had both times. The latest: their grilled whole trout with lemon potatoes. I also had the hummus as an appetizer. Both were really good. And sitting outside the other evening for dinner in their extremely comfortable chairs made it that much more enjoyable. I have not been disappointed by this place recently, while my early experiences when it opened a couple of years ago were very hit or miss. I'm interested in hearing what other people think.

Agora's whole grilled trout (edited for those sensitive to the site of entire fishies).


What to make of Munch, the little eatery in the Austin St. "mall" ? I stopped in there the other day for a late snack/meal and left with one of their tuna fish hero sandwiches. It wasn't bad. But also kind of reminded me of the tuna fish I'd make myself at home, which isn't saying too much, though I am not the worst cook in the universe. It's an interesting place and I can't speak for all the food there—yet, since I've only had this one sandwich. But it was fine and a nice option to have for simpler, fast-food fare that isn't Chinese or Mexican in the 'hood. They have a variety of salads, burgers and other sandwiches. I posted their entire menu a while back.

Munch's tuna fish hero sandwich


  1. Munch used to be located on Yellowstone next to True Value Hardware. Erratic hours and closed at least once by Board of Health. Had breakfast there once. It was passable. I am not sure if the one on Austin is related to that one.

  2. Have been to Agora Taverna too many times to count, and was disappointed only once and
    when I called their attention to t they were extremely helpful and apologetic.

  3. I popped in here to ask if it's the same Much as on Yellowstone.

  4. Had one good meal there and another only fair. Not good considering their high prices, I think

    Astoria when going for Greek food. Unfortunately Austin Street has only about four or five

    good restaurants worth going to, Rego Park only about two or three. Both hoods really are "Foodie"


    1. Here are my favorite Austin Street (and close by in FoHi) restaurants:
      - Jack and Nellie's (Ascan)
      - La Boulangerie
      - Reef
      - 5 Burro (amazing Mexican food - the only reason I don't talk about it more is because it's been here for so long)
      - Tuscan Hills (a walk down QB about ten minutes, not far, so I'll include it)
      - Bareburger
      - Station House
      - Agora Taverna
      - Jade (Station Square)
      - Banter (next to Midway theater, couple blocks away)
      - Gloria Pizza (excellent all-around Italian food and pizza)
      - Red Pipe (like their healthy sandwiches and of course coffee!)
      - Pahal Zan
      - Nick's Pizza

      I'm probably forgetting something in the immediate area. But there's 14 right there that I'd consider just as good as anything else you can find in the City, and some even better. Can Forest Hills use some more places? Definitely. We're still sorely missing one of the NYC neighborhood basics - a make your own salad chain like Just Salad. But heck, when I moved here over a decade ago, there were maybe five restaurants in central Forest Hills that I considered even edible. So we're on the right track!

    2. I like Cheeburger Cheeburger, that's pretty good.