Friday, October 2, 2015

Coachella Eyes Queens

Some Competition for Forest Hills Stadium? Yes, word is that Coachella East, or something like it, may be giving our local music venue some strong competition next summer, taking over Flushing Meadows Corona Park for a multi-day festival. Another feather in the cap for our borough!

Producers behind Coachella eyeing Flushing Meadows Corona Park for 2016 music festival


  1. We have to keep an eye on the newly domed US Tennis Center. Another potential concert venue.

    1. There were concerts at Arthur Ashe in the late 90s. Anyway, I don't see much overlap between the two. A small seated venue in the middle of a residential area isn't appropriate for a festival like Coachella. You need a large open area for that.

  2. Coachella can never happen here as it is a camping event and the Park is not big enough or equipped for such a thing. These types of events belong in rural areas on farmland.