Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Forest Hills Inn Tea Garden

A reader who went to their recent flea market sent me a photo of the t-shirt he picked up there...kinda cool...

  He also mentioned that he overheard the organizers discussing some possible ideas to do with this lovely space. One thing they mentioned was possibly showing outdoor movies, he heard them say.

That's a nice idea, but I know some of the local residents aren't thrilled with the idea of using the space because of noise concerns. I had also heard that Jade was going to possibly use the space. But, so far, nothing is certain about the future of one of Forest Hills' most pleasant spots.


  1. Outdoor movies would be awesome -- screw the neighborhood trolls; get out of NY if you want 'peace and quiet' -- Long Island isn't too far away. Again, we don't care about how long you've been here and your family, etc...

  2. Too much noise from passing LIRR trains.

  3. T-Shirts are for sale for $10. Shirts available in Navy and Black in mens sizes M,L and XL. Just email:
    T-Shirts can be picked on at the building.

  4. Does anyone know if they could use volunteers to help clean up the place. maybe they could host a yearly tea in period dress or a jazz party.They should hook up with the people that organize the lawn jazz party on governors island. it is incredible.