Monday, April 11, 2016

Big Changes Coming to Our TGI Friday's

It's not often that I get very interested in what's going on at the few huge chain restaurants we have in the 'hood. But thanks to the excellent detective work of one of the Blog's readers, Maureen, it looks like our TGI Friday's is about to get a rather interesting upgrade:

TGI Fridays Is Trying A New Restaurant Design To Bring In Younger Customers


  1. Drake,
    You seem more interested in promoting chains on your blog and certain areas of the neighborhood than in independent businesses that open in FH. If so, you shouldn't say "Have a news story you want us to look into and bring attention to on the blog?" and than not bother to post legitimate submissions. Hey, it's your blog, just sayin'.

    1. There's a place for both in the neighborhhod, I think. Each has its own target consumer and purpose.

      And I've seen PLENTY of coverage of independent businesses on this blog, which exists to share any news and goings-on of relevance to the residents of Forest Hills, even news that you (or I, for that matter) may not like or be interested in.

    2. There's been coverage on big chains and independent, small businesses here. Move on, troll.

    3. I'm hardly a troll, get a grip and don't be so quick to judge. I was having a bad morning and vented here, my bad. FYI, I was directing my comments to Drake and he has since added a post about Cipollina which was the reason I wrote. Thanks, Drake! I take it all back! It's just so rare that we get new businesses in that bleak stretch of FH that I wanted it to get some attention.

    4. bleak stretch of QB not FH!

  2. That rendering is hideous! At least the current design has some character- definitely kitschy, but in my opinion better than that boring, beige/brown soulless wasteland. It's like they're trying to be Pret-a-manger, Starbucks and some cool brunch spot at the same time. I think it's a mess.