Saturday, July 30, 2016

From Crepe to Crepe

For all those readers wondering why we can't just get another high-quality takeout place that makes normal awesome sandwiches, I so hear your pain. 

Why do all the takeout places that have been opening lately have to be so overly indulgent? What do they all think of us? That we're just a bunch of slobs? Is a place that just makes incredibly delicious, high-quality ingredient takeout sandwiches beyond our reach in Forest Hills?

Anyway, the Bubble Crepe place in the "Austin Street Mall Complex" is being replaced by... wait for it... another Crepe place. Hip, hip, hooray. I can't remember the last time I had a crepe.. and I don't stay up all night thinking about how much I'm looking forward to my next one, to tell you the truth. (I do stay up all night thinking about Nazi America Under Trump, though.)


  1. Yeah, I hear you Drake. I went in that place once under the previous name and was a bit turned off by the atmosphere and the menu that I just left. The Creperie on MacDougal does really make great crepes and I think our neighborhood would enjoy them but this Bubble Crepe place does look a bit over the top and unappealing. Has anyone tried that Roast & Co. sandwich place on QB near the Rego Park border? It looks promising.

  2. Crepes, ice cream, and burgers.... Sigh.

  3. Or Stalin's America under Hillary, but I'm sure you won't post that.

  4. Roast and Co is really nice! It's french, they serve rotisserie poulet that's pretty good, and they make an intensely delicious nicoise salad that you should try, if you're looking for a healthy lunch. The staff is also very sweet.

  5. T-Swirl crepe is great. I've enjoyed eating at the one in Flushing. They're rapidly expanding and extremely popular.

  6. Violet's Bake Shop started making excellent Bahn Mi's if you are looking for a good sandwich

    1. Just had one there yesterday. It was great.