Thursday, October 13, 2016

72nd Road Construction Site

It was interesting to see the gaping hole where those old row houses used to be on 72nd Road, next to La Boulangerie, as they move ahead with construction of the new apartment building....


  1. That block has been an eyesore for years. Glad something new and modern is going in there.

  2. Last time I checked, there were quite enough people living in Forest Hills already. Not sure what benefit there will be from even *more* people moving in...

    1. I'm not sure what standard you are using for saying there are "quite enough people living in Forest Hills".
      Actually, for a NYC neighborhood, I think Forest Hills is relatively un-crowded, at least compared to most of Manhattan and some parts of Brooklyn.
      As for how FH could benefit, if the new people who move into the new building are relatively younger and more affluent, then that could benefit the neighborhood by attracting additional upscale stores, restaurants and other amenities to Forest Hills.

  3. Blame overpriced Brooklyn and Manhattan. Though it could also be foreign investors.