Friday, October 28, 2016

Local Halloween Festivities

Edge of the City Unfiltered has become an interesting addition to the blog. Here's a timely post from it. If anyone has any information about this, please comment below. And, if you know of any other local Halloween events taking place that are open to the public, please let us know below or by emailing

Stumbled upon the fabulous Burns Street Halloween festivities for the first time last year- what an amazing and fun celebration! Curious if anyone knows if they always do this on the actual day of, or if they go with nearest weekend day? Since it's on a Monday this year vs. Saturday last year, just want to be sure we get the correct date to go enjoy the production :)

Oh, and here's a spooky Halloween clip to get everyone in the mood...


  1. Pretty sure it's a 'Day Of' kind of thing, as trick or treating is the 'main event'. I think last year was the first year they officially closed down and cordoned off the whole street. Correct me if I'm wrong, though!

  2. It's on the actual day of Halloween. As far as I remember, they always closed that section of Burns Street in the afternoon and evening of Halloween.

  3. I am a resident of FH Gardens - here is the notice we received via e-mail:

    Continuing one of our community's newest and most favored traditions, the Forest Hills Gardens Corporation will once again be creating a "Safe Zone" for trick or treaters who plan on making our community their "Trick or Treating" destination of choice. There are many families throughout our community who participate in Halloween, but those in the densely populated area of Burns Street really need to be commended as they have embraced this holiday and have made it their own.

    In an effort to create a safe environment for all trick or treaters who will be visiting our community, the FHGC will be closing specific streets to stop vehicular traffic from traveling north of Greenway North between Ascan Avenue and Union Tnpk. Barricades will be placed on the following streets starting at 3:30pm on Monday, October 31 and will remain until 10:00pm.
    Borage Place
    Puritan Avenue
    Overhill Road
    Underwood Road
    Upshaw Road
    We are asking all residents who reside in this "Safe Zone" and who may need to use their vehicles on Monday evening, to move their vehicles outside this Zone BEFORE 3:00 pm. We also expect all residents in the "Safe Zone" to respect and honor the Zone and not drive past the barricades during the hours of the closure. For the safety of all those participating in this ever growing Gardens tradition we hope everyone will honor this request.

    In addition to the above closures, Puritan Avenue will also be closed at Whitson Street to further reduce vehicular traffic from entering the community.

    I want to thank all the families of our community who participate in Halloween and for bringing such joy to so many children.

    Have a happy and safe Halloween!

  4. Thank you all so much! I look forward to a safe and fun Halloween stroll!