Friday, October 28, 2016

Send Me Your Local Listings!

As the local blog for Forest Hills and surrounding areas, I'm always happy to post free-of-charge any events that are taking place. It still amuses me how often I see signs posted on telephone poles, etc. for different events taking place in like The Gardens, at churches, etc. and no one thinks of contacting the local blog to bring more attention to it. Oh well. I can only try so hard. The rest is up to you guys... Anyway, here's an interesting idea I recently received. Happy to do it!

I really enjoy your site and have a suggestion that I think would be a great service.
Especially in the spring and fall, people like to hold yard sales but it is difficult to know where/when they are happening.  The signs on telephone poles do a bit of the job, but I personally often see the signs after the event.  It would be a real community service to list yard sales, even if you charged a small fee for a listing.  I’d love to see such listings.

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