Sunday, October 16, 2016

The New York Times: Forest Hills One of City's Hottest Neighborhoods

According to The New York Times, Forest Hills is now New York City's fourth hottest neighborhood! 

New York Neighborhoods, Hot and Cold

Where are home prices rising or falling the most in New York City? To find out, we looked at median sales prices in each of the city’s neighborhoods during the month of August and compared them to those six months prior. (Areas with fewer than 50 sales were not considered, and each neighborhood’s sales were aggregated over three months to smooth deceptive spikes.)

Source: The New York Times


  1. This is great news for the neighborhood. I think it shows that all of the positive changes in FH over the last few years have led to the neighborhood being discovered by people who would have previously never thought of moving to FH--especially younger people currently living in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
    I think one of the best and most important changes that has occurred over the last few years is the return of concerts to Forest Hills stadium. Every concert brings thousands of people to FH, and I think many of these people have never been to FH before. If they are coming here from Manhattan for the first time, they realize how convenient FH is to midtown--about 20 to 25 minutes on the E or F trains. I think these concerts have helped to make people realize that FH is not as far from Manhattan as they may have previously thought.
    Other positive changes that I think have contributed to the increase in real estate prices are the opening of more upscale places along Austin Street in the last few years--Shake Shack, La Boulangerie, Bareburger, Station House, Jack and Nellie's, Red Pipe Cafe, Rove and Snow Days.

  2. Whats crazy is that how insanely low the median price in FH is to other areas.

  3. I love FH, especially the street fairs. This might kill that off though!