Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Memorable Trips by Subway

The week after New Year's I took the A train up to The Met Cloisters. I always wanted to see it after it snowed, thinking it would be rather picturesque. And it didn't disappoint. And, since most of the tourists had gone home, I felt like I was literally the king of the castle. I had it mostly to myself!

I love these types of trips, which you can easily take via subway from Forest Hills. They're so easy to do, and yet when you arrive you feel like you've gone on a real journey.

For this one, all you do is take the E train from Forest Hills to 42nd St., then easily cross over to the A train. Then, just sit back and relax and in like 20 minutes get out at the 190th St. Station. Then, just walk about 10 minutes through Fort Tryon Pack and you're there!

When you emerge at 190th St. you feel like you have really left the city. In addition to visiting this unique museum, which is in the form of a Medieval Castle, you get a spectacular view of the Hudson River, and the park itself is beautiful.

Another trip you can take from 71st/Continental in Forest Hills is to Coney Island, via the F train. It takes about an hour and a half. It's really a thrill to pop up out of the subway at that world-famous beachfront community.

Ok, so you don't want to go to the beach during the winter? I don't blame you. Then, how about an indoor shopping mall that will blow your mind? That's the recently-opened Oculus, otherwise known as Westfield World Trade Center. For this one, after you enter 71st/Continental, take the E train all the way to its last stop in Manhattan, and then walk into the Oculus through the doors left from the original World Trade Center. You don't ever have to be outdoors again until you return to Forest Hills!


  1. Beautiful photos!

    Another easy subway destination is the new shopping concourse underneath Colombus Circle! Completely underground!

  2. I love the Cloisters! I need to get there more often.

    1. Forest Hills is so convenient to everything worth seeing in Manhattan! Not only do we have the LIRR, but since most of the fun stuff is on the west side (E,F,R), I never have to change trains to get home. So much better than when we lived in Riverdale and we were dependent on the 1 train.