Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Queens Bully - A Tremendous Accomplishment

It's incredible to think that it was only back in March when we first heard of the plans for Queens Bully - a new BBQ restaurant planned for Queens Blvd., where the former Baluchi's Indian restaurant used to be. Now, just four months later, Queens Bully is a reality, and what an awesome addition to Forest Hills it is!

I went for the first time last night and as I try to focus on my day job this morning, my mind keeps wanting to remind me of those delicious brisket leftovers burning a hole in my fridge, covered in that awesome Queens Bully BBQ sauce.

Yes, Queens Bully was that good - based on my first visit. Unfortunately, however, this can only be a partial review at this time since the place was all out of baby back ribs, to my enormous disappointment. But, living just a few blocks away, no biggie. Hiccups are commonplace with any new restaurant and I always expect them -- I have been to sooo many openings in this neighborhood and every restaurant has had them. I recall waiting over an hour for Banter to give us food when it first opened and today that place is incredible.

In fact, what was most surprising to me about Queens Bully was how little newbie hiccups it seems to have! The main courses -- a brisket platter and a pulled pork sandwich -- came out in 15 minutes, and were absolutely delicious. The service was exceedingly professional and excellent. The place itself looks amazing. Even the bathroom was spotless.

So, consider this my Review Part 1 of Queens Bully. I will return soon for those ribs, and probably some chicken to boot. Until now, that delectable brisket will have to suffice, and no complaints here!

The place was nice and quiet when I arrived around 6:45 p.m. Tuesday, but not for long...

An indulgent and delicious S'mores dessert rounded out a perfect summer BBQ meal


  1. Totally looking forward to trying them out. I've been waiting since I read hit or miss reviews. Some even said the BBQ sauce wasn't up to par. Glad to hear your experience was positive Drake! Any idea if they are going to put up better signage? The front looks a bit unfinished, unless that's how they want it.

  2. Hi Drake, I've gone and will be writing a review for you - it's great I agree! We tried the macaroni & cheese and the shrimp & grits - YUM. Also a beautiful space.

  3. Queens Bully looks like something out of Williamsburg. Thought I was reading a Brooklyn foodie blog for a minute!

  4. The inside of the place looks really nice, and I MUST try that smores dessert!

  5. Looking forward to Part 2 - and I hope you get your baby back ribs soon. :)