Friday, July 28, 2017

Pink Forest Opens

Austin Street got its second coffee place Friday with the opening of Pink Forest. I dropped in today and found it to be a great addition to the neighborhood. It's a charming new coffee spot, with an Asian flair, representing the increasing influence of this demographic group on our neighborhood. I figured what better time to have my very first JianBing, the Chinese breakfast sandwich I have been hearing so much about? And I was not disappointed. It was downright excellent and I can't wait to have my next one at our new coffee and tea spot. And eatery, by the way. The place also serves bagels, which looked mighty fine as well.

As for the coffee, I also had an iced coffee and thought it was really good.

What's really interesting about Pink Forest is their choice of location. Those of you who have been loyal readers of this blog over the years might remember those early years when I begged for someone to open a nice indie coffee shop, like they had in basically every other NYC neighborhood. Well, first came Red Pipe, and now, pretty much right across the street comes Pink Forest. I hope both flourish. Red Pipe gets mighty crowded at times, and now we have an interesting new complement to it right nearby.


  1. I like their menu! It's simple, but full of good things!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for asking. These places usually have really good coffee, or else they wouldn't stand a chance. The coffee was really good. I updated the post!

    2. I wish them plenty of luck. I'm not personally into the whole Asian sandwich thing but I'm glad this isn't a bank or urgent care. If they're really good, they may end up hurting Violets across the street as I think that Bahn Mi sandwiches are their main seller now.

  3. Stopping in tomorrow!

  4. I don't see any art, though?

    But the menu seems promising and I like their decor. Will try.