Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Big Real Estate News

Reports The Real Deal:

Halstead breaks into Forest Hills with purchase of Madeleine Realty

Halstead has 10 offices in Manhattan, 7 offices in Brooklyn and 2 offices in the Hamptons.

From the article:

The Forest Hills location at 108-23 Ascan Avenue will be Halstead’s second office in Queens. The company opened its first office in the borough in 2015 at 47-12 Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City in 2015.

Photo from The Real Deal: New York Real Estate News


  1. Saw them taking down the Madeleine sign just now.

  2. Not impressed with Madeleine. Hopefully Halstead will be more professional. Just the picture says it all...

  3. It would be nice if we got some hot realtors in Queens like they seem to have in Manhattan and on all the reality shows.

  4. Still, it's sad to see Madeleine go. They've been a FoHi mainstay for decades.

  5. You won't have to miss much, only the sign really. Jacques Ambron (the guy in the picture) will still be there I believe and probably the whole staff. They see the neighborhood is on the up swing and probably figured it was worth branching into the Halstead name which is synonymous with many top NYC listings.