Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Looking Forward To...

Just a couple of the places that I'm looking forward to opening...

Numero 28 - Italian and pizza coming to Restaurant Row. Their cool sign went up yesterday, I believe. This place has locations in such hip locales as Park Slope and Miami Beach, and the East and West Village in Manhatttan. Nice to know FoHi is on their list!

And Tamashii Red, opening soon on Austin Street. The owners of this ramen restaurant have locations in Astoria and Long Island City, both of which are highly regarded...


  1. Numero 28 sounds like it'll be awesome!

  2. And one I just found out about yesterday. Compadres 77 is opening next month at the old Tuscan Hills location.

    1. My dream might be coming true... that I never have to leave FH for food!

      If there was just some way to brink back Wafas...

  3. The sign for Tamashii is officially up! Yay!

  4. Numero 28 opened over the weekend.