Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Spy C Chinese Restaurant Opens on Austin

The hostess says this new place, down near Ascan, is Asian Fusion cuisine. It opened on Tuesday. They do not have takeout menus yet. I took a glance at their menu and they had some traditional favorites, like Kung Pao, for example. Here's a look at the interior. I was surprised at how much table space there was inside. Anyway, I haven't tried any of the food yet. Soon. Add comments below if you have already.


  1. I tried the “dry pot” today. I liked it. It’s a little pricy but the food is definitely higher quality than what you get at the two Chinese take outs and nine Thai.

  2. I'll call this place our "happy accident".the Food was delicious.. The hot and sour soup served in copper mugs...was delicious..the appetizer wonton in chili sauce was so good we ordered 2 more for our table of 6..the hot pot with pork belly and cabbage delicious...beef & scallion, dry hot pots..this place is a gem! We came away loving this place..will visit again.

    1. I liked it, too... However, and this is a generally complaint I have with sooo many Chinese restaurants these days: Why are all of their Hot & Sour soups really just "Hot"? Including this restaurant's? It was very hot and spicy, but I couldn't taste a hint of sour in the entire thing. What gives??

  3. Been there a few times. The braised pork belly is my fave.

    On another note, just been to Compadres77. A few kinks need to be ironed out. the waitress doesn't seem to know how to count as she gave me the wrong change twice, and they didn't have some items that were on the menu. However, the tacos were fantastic.