Wednesday, September 26, 2018

OBA Mediterranean Gyro & Grill Coming to Restaurant Row

The new restaurant will be located at the corner of  Restaurant Row (70th Road) and Austin Street in Forest Hills. 


  1. Glad something new is coming but that's 3 Mediterranean restaurants within 2 blocks.

  2. I agree, glad it's being filled, with a restaurant too, but there's already a couple of Greek places within a block or two, so not overly excited. We need something outside of the box. For instance, the Budapest Cafe on the UES offers home style Hungarian cuisine at fairly reasonable prices, something like that might do well here. Or, since the general area has a lot of Russians, something similar to some of the places in Rego Park might work well too; I think we have enough of the Italian, Greek Mediterranean thing going on. I moved in right after Just Like Mother's closed but I would have totally loved something like that, simple fairly priced Polish cuisine. Anyways, just hoping we get more variety at some point.

  3. Hmmm. One of the other Mediterranean is a rather expensive sit-down restaurant, the other is a more casual sit-down place that I gave up going to after really trying to give it the benefit of the doubt many times. I am really looking forward to this place as hopefully somewhere to get a quick, takeout sandwich or other casual fare -- and that is actually decent. I see it as a more Mediterranean version of the great falafel place Pahal Zan on 71st Continental. Hopefully.

    1. I can't wait and thank you to the owners. Overjoyed it's not a walk in clinic or a bank.

  4. Drake, have you heard anything more about the winter festival thing they're supposed to be doing at the tennis stadium this year? Sounded so interesting!

  5. We need a quality Turkish restaurant in the area. South Brooklyn has dozens of them, we have one whchw is subpar (Black Sea).