Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poor Spidey

I got immense pleasure from this morning's scouring review of the Spiderman show on Broadway in The Times. I've always hated the very idea of this show, not because it tried to turn theater into a circus of sorts, but because it arrogantly uses $65 million on trying to do so. $65 million!!! And they charge what? $200 or more for seats? In these times? Such excess is disgusting for what is supposed to be a form of entertainment accessible to everyone.

Movies have for a long time had such huge budgets. It's kind of expected. And the budgets sometimes make the movies really really good. But when did all this money being thrown at a Broadway show ever really make it "good" and not just some spectacle. Theater is supposed to enrich us as human beings and that is what is being forgotten in this Spiderman mess.

Good vs. Evil, Hanging by a Thread
Published: February 7, 2011
This show is not only the most expensive musical ever to hit Broadway, but it may also rank among the worst.

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