Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More on New Exo Cafe

I stopped into the new Exo Cafe just to see it for myself and take a look at their menu. I didn't have the time to eat there yet, but I did speak a bit to the hostess. She told me they don't have a take out menu yet, so I am only going by memory here with these menu observations:
  1. The place is definitely a good fit for our neighborhood. It has a lounge feel, a cool place to get together with friends for a quick bite or a drink.
  2. I was impressed that they are trying to have a strong selection of craft beers. Almost half of the back of the menu was devoted to craft beer. 
  3. The menu is very reasonably priced. Burgers, sandwiches, salads all seemed to top off around $12.
  4. The burgers were quite creative - Hawaiian Burger anyone?
  5. They also have a large selection of appetizers.
  6. The moody lighting makes this place not a "family-friendly" restaurant, which I was kind of hoping it would be. Why not an upbeat place for brunch like we desperately need here in Forest Hills? Instead, another moody, more night-life oriented venue. Hey, I'm not really complaining because God knows we need some good food in Forest Hills! Now, let's just hope the food is good!
Click here for a couple of reviews from Yelp! 

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