Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Fever

The temperature today is supposed to reach 70 degrees! That means I just may get my bout of Spring Fever today! I really do get it and it is a physical thing - kind of feels like I'm on a drug. Come to think of it, I really don't know anyone else who seems to get it. If you do, share about it below. The symptoms? Kind of like a delightful feeling of fogginess, a bit like a buzz but more refreshing! Oddly, this year I experienced it about 6 weeks or so ago when we had that one day where all of a sudden it got somewhat warm and the wind must've been coming up from the south. That's another thing about Spring Fever - the air has to have that smell of life in it that at this time of year is only carried by the winds coming up from the south. We'll see if it happens today.

Since it's the weekend, naturally my thoughts turn to the movies. There's one film out there that I've been wanting to comment about for a while: "Red Riding Hood". I'm sorry, but is this not the dumbest idea for a movie, like ever? Not just in terms of the plot - which turns the fairy tale we were told as kids into a horror movie. But also in terms of a business decision by the movie studio that made it! This is what I imagined happening last Friday, when it opened:

Teenage male 1: "Dude, so what are you doing this weekend?"

Teenage male 2: "Dude, I am going to see Red Riding Hood."


What respectable teenage dude would admit to his buddies or be seen going to a movie called "Red Riding Hood"?

Not surprisingly, I read that something like 62% of those who saw this movie on its opening weekend were women. From what I've read this is fairly typical for horror films. Women now comprise the majority of horror film goers - go figure! Nevertheless, a big chunk of the audience is still guys. So with this particular movie, the problem is not just the laziness which went into coming up with the concept - using an age-old children's fairy tale - but also the very title itself which I am sure is just too much of a deal-breaker for your average teenage male. After all, it's just what your average teenage boy wants from his movies: the fairy tale his mommy used to tell him when he was like 5!

So this one will probably be out another week or so. Red Riding Hood fans - Catch it before it's too late!

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  1. 70+ degrees today and still have heat coming out of my shut off radiators. Even with the windows wide open, it still feels like an oven. Unbelievable