Friday, September 16, 2011

One Year Anniversary of Tornado

It was one year ago today, around 5:40 p.m., that the tornado tore threw Forest Hills. I am reposting the photos I took that day. It's remarkable that there weren't more injuries or worse given all the destruction and the fact that it occurred during rush hour. Sadly, it did claim one life: that of Aline Levakis, 30, of Mechanicsburg, Pa., who was driving on Grand Central Parkway and had just pulled over near Jewel Ave. when a tree fell on her car.


  1. This macroburst to me was no accident. It reeked of Weather engineering.

    The odds of this happening at the time it did, along with the fact that these events are super rare along with the other location one happened in led me to believe this was no ordinary weather event.

    This mystery is contained within the cloud or internet database with all the facets and components thereof. Weather can be tricky at times and causes issues that can be tricky at times and, yes there are plenty of natural occurances in weather.

    But in this specific instance, considering the timing of the event along with everything else, to me it just had the appearance of being a weather storm that was manmade especially considering our area and what was going on with the highest levels at the timeframe that it occured.

  2. Its called scalar weather engineering. It is very complex, even I don't fully understand it and I am not a geek who was working on such.

    However I have seen photo comparisons of what weather engineered weather looks like vs natural weather occurances.

    When something is manmade it will cause distortions and show itself to be manmade and the events will manifest itself in ways that the average layman won't understand nor comprehend.

    I have no doubt whatsoever what happened here was not manmade and the highest levels of at least one, if not more governments knew about it.