Thursday, September 15, 2011

Work Next to Midway Theater

The rumors are true - there is indeed work going on in the former pizza place next to the Midway movie theater. Couldn't quite tell what is going in there. But there was a truck in front for kitchen equipment - but that could be either coming, or going, I suppose.


  1. Ate in the old pizza joint a few times. While I wouldn't say the food was the best nor the place ideal, it was right by the subway and very convenient which also accepted credit cards and prices were moderate.

    The guys that worked there were very friendly and nice.

    I hope they knock down the front facade that was from the previous petstore and redo the interior.

    While I don't go that way anymore, I think Vienna Cafe was appropriate for the area tho I never passed it or tried it. Hopefully they can be successful.

    As far as the new place, who knows what it will be.

  2. Place is zoned for food so a food place wouldn't be surprising. We will see what it becomes.

    All the last parcels seem to have been taken in this area with more growth expected due to ongoing construction.

    It won't be long now before the OTB location is taken over especially now that this location is taken.

    Plus the other side where the stores shutdown should have work started soon if not already with demolition work eventually.

  3. On the Key Food block, how come there are 3 For Rent signs?

  4. Those stores went under because they are planning on a CVS or large retailer to come in.

    Yeah Ive heard they had for rent signs there but they are knocking down the structure and keeping the super market in tact.

    If it fits a CVS or multiple stores I don't know, but its more than likely renters will be renting from a new building.

    Remember they had tenants in before and kicked them out because they were knocking down the building.

  5. That section will likely be redone soon.

    The S+B Menswarehouse space next to Key Food has been vacant for a long long time and is a poor location. I think it would be best if its knocked down and used for expanded Super Market space to just combine that into one big facility.

    It is the worst spot of all the locations and has yet to be rented out.

    I say use it for ground level office space or expanded super market space. It seems like a shame its kept empty while at the same time no income is flowing from it.

  6. The 3 for rent signs by Key Food is the structure on the North side that will be knocked down sanes the super market with an underground parking garage.

    Theres another Key Food which has a open space where s+b menswarehouse was, which is in a horrible location.

  7. I remember when Krispy Kreme opened next to the Midway, then it was a kennel, and then a pizza joint. Nothing seems to last there longer than a year, which is odd considering that it's a great location.

  8. It is a transient movie theatre location where wild kids hang out.

    Vienna Cafe I doubt will last long though Cafe dining is more in line with the marketplace.

    As far as the other location, I don't know what it is. I really don't see a good use for those spots other than food related however.

    Hopefully they redo the facade when it was a Pet Store and they make the interior nice for whatever it will become.