Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cell Service in the Subways

My E train was stopped for a while at 14th St. last Friday and lo and behold, I received a text from a friend! And what's more, I was able to text him back and tell him I was running a bit late! And... the signal was actually really strong.

Little did I know that 14th St. is the first subway station in the city to have cell phone service. The City is gradually rolling it out to more and more stations... It's about time!

The Future Is Coming: Subway Platform Cell Service Starts Tuesday


  1. I was on the E train stuck somewhere between Roosevelt Avenue and 67th Street and all of a sudden I started getting e-mails and texts. I wonder of there is a signal on one of the local stations in between?

  2. I've had a signal there for over a year...its somewhere between 71st Continental and 67th. I doubt it's intended.