Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm Not A Zombie Person, But...

Ok, I really am not a zombie person, or a vampire person for that matter. I just don't get the whole zombie and vampire craze. Seems like there is another movie about these ghouls every other month. Having said that, however, I do have to say that The Walking Dead is probably one of the absolute best shows I have ever watched.... ever... in all eternity.

Every episode just zips by and I am on the edge of my seat almost every freakin' minute of it. This past Sunday's was an extra long hour and a half season premier and the damn thing felt like it was about 5 minutes long.

What is it about this show? Like I said, I am not a zombie person. I am just not excited by the concept of people coming back from the dead and then lumbering about. Always found it rather silly. And I am almost extremely squeamish. I often close my eyes at any gore in a movie or TV show. So what is it about The Walking Dead? It's the characters and the script. What a novel concept? A TV show where you actually really, really care about what happens to the characters! Go figure.

Never, since maybe the recent Battlestar Galactica, have I been this floored by a TV show. Long Live Zombies!

From The Times:
Zombie Apocalypse? Atlanta Says Bring It On
The city, home to the hit series “The Walking Dead,” has embraced the monsters with a variety of parades and festivals celebrating the undead.

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