Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bareburger Readies Opening

Bareburger is about ready to open and could do so as early as this Monday.

This store's opening here is of course fantastic, and I think so on more levels than one. On the one hand, we will have an awesome new place to get delicious and healthier fare.

But what really excites me the most about Bareburger is the impact it will have on other restaurants on Austin. Simply put, it raises the game, big time. In order to compete in the casual eatery space here in Forest Hills from now on you will have to go up against the likes of Bareburger.

And considering that just a few years ago all they had to compete with was very sad legacy diners and calorie-laden bakeries and pizza places, that's really saying something about how far we've come in a very short time.

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