Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poll Results So Far

Sunday's Edge of the City Poll asked "What would you like to see open here?" and listed 5 choices:
  • An independent coffee place
  • Chipotle
  • A place to get quick, high-quality sandwiches and salads
  • A modern, more upscale take on a diner
  • All of these
As of this 8:52 this morning, 177 people had voted and here are the results:
All of these was in the lead with 39 votes.
A modern, more upscale take on a diner was second with 35 votes
Chipotle and an indie coffee place both had 31
and the quick sandwich/salad place trailed with 23 votes.

And here are the "write-in" choices so far, what people wrote in for "other":
  • butcher 
  • A good Indian restaurant
  • High End Gentlemen's Strip Club ' "Scores Queens"
  • Whole Foods
  • Sushi or Teriyaki Fast Food
  • Chic wine bar
  • More tasteful options in general. Austin Street should be much nicer.
  • Higher quality restaurants in general
  • taco bell
  • Shake and shak
  • Factories
  • Trader Joe's
  • A butcher
  • A good seafood restaurant
  • Korean BBQ
  • French bistro
  • Hummus Place or the like

If you haven't yet voted, the poll is still open here.


  1. Lot's of good suggestions (some not so good ... I'll leave it for the readers to decide which is which). A couple of comments based on this -

    - Sushi or Teriyaki Fast Food. Excluding Sushi Yasu which falls in to the non "fast food" category, we have Sushi Time as well as several other options within a 10 block radius. Seems like we're well covered here.

    - Chic Wine Bar. There is a wine bar opening within the next few weeks in the old Q location on Ascan Avenue. It will feature wine, beer, charcuterie and small chef's plates.

    - French Bistro. I personally enjoyed Rouge and am not sure why it fell out of favor in the neighborhood. The food was good, reasonably priced, including a nice wine flight selection and had good outdoor seating. Makes me wonder if we can support such a venture.

    - Hummus Place. While not on Austin Street, Wafa's offers excellent Lebanese food. There's also a new(er) Turkish restaurant on Metropolitan Ave. Has anyone tried it yet? Closer by we have Pahal Zan, which people seem to have a love-hate relationship with, but they always seem busy.

    - A Good Indian Restaurant. I love having things close buy, but this is Queens .... home of quality ethnic food. Grab some friends, split cab fare and head to Jackson Diner.

    Somebody mentioned a butcher, which is a great idea. I loved the butcher that used to be on 71st Road. Again, the question is, will the neighborhood support a butcher store? Seems like most folks are content to buy their meet at The Natural.

  2. I would like to add Whole Foods to my initial suggestion of an Indian restaurant. FH is sorely lacking a quality grocery store, especially near Ascan. You can argue for Natural, but I am not a fan; and the produce, selection, and consistency at Fine Fare leaves much to be desired. I would kill for a Whole Foods

    1. Yes indeed. I am having a Whole Foods egg salad sandwich as I type this. Quite delish! Maybe you should start a petition going or Occupy them or something or other to make it happen!

  3. I've tried Wafa. One of my favorite places in the hood! Great hummus.

    I would like an upscale gardening store in the neighborhood. Not just a florist that sells plants, but something that offers gardening advice, a range of plants, cool pottery, etc.

    Either that or an upscale kitchen supply store.

    1. Well, we have Laytner's, or as I like to call it: The Store That Has Everything But What I Need!

  4. There are too many apartments for a gardening store to do well.

    1. I was just thinking the same thing

  5. Williams & Sonoma would be a nice addition. Just not sure if the neighborhood could support one.

  6. Nice typo I posted previously. "Meet" = Meat :)

    1. You are banned from the blog forthright!
      Well, I have never!
      I do declare!

    2. LOL, ok, ok .... I just hate typos!!

  7. I like most of the ideas except for taco bell and even though I do like chipotle I wouldnt want to see any more fast food in the neighborhood.