Thursday, August 9, 2012

Restaurant Review: Taci's

A couple of friends and I recently ate at the new Turkish restaurant Taci's located at 102-07 Metropolitan Avenue here in Forest Hills. I liked everything about this place, the decor, the food, the service. We had a great time.

The atmosphere is bright and relaxed...

As appetizers, we ordered the Tarama ($4.75), a red caviar spread whipped with olive oil, lemon juice and herbs, and the hummus ($4.75). They also brought out a delicious bread and my friend ordered a great salad (sm: $5.50; large $8.00). We loved all of them.

As a main course, I had the chicken kebab ($11.25). It was very good. It comes in an interesting way, on a roll, so you can eat it like that. I chose to just eat the chicken, which I found to be perfectly seasoned and cooked. It comes with a side of vegetables, which were also scrumptious.

Oh, and I washed it all down with a Turkish soda ($1.50), which tasted kind of like Sprite, but was a lot better...

Kind of a more boring review than I'm used to writing here on EOTC, because this place was so good, I can't find fault with anything! The only thing I could say is that while my chicken kebab was quite good, it didn't blow me away. But then again, none that I have had here in NYC or the entire U.S. for that matter, has. I guess I have to go back to Greece or something for a truly mind-blowing chicken kebab. I did find Taci's better than Agora's though. Agora Taverna, the Greek restaurant, on Austin seems to be lacking in the non-fish department.

So, overall, I highly recommend this new addition to our local restaurant scene. For some excellent Turkish food right here in Forest Hills, get yourselves down to Taci's on Metropolitan.

Final Grade: A


  1. We were there on Sat and we really enjoyed our meal. Shepherd salad and Mix Grill was excellent!!! Cant wait to go back.

  2. Do they have a liquor license?