Saturday, November 24, 2012

Inside Forest Hills' Chipotle

This is going into the space where Martha's Country Bakery and Ariana's pizza used to be ...


  1. Another corporate eatery to take money out of the neighborhood.

  2. It is actually the greedy landlords who are to blame. Rents are so high that it is very hard for the small businesses to remain sustainable. Chain stores are the only ones who can afford the rents. While I am not a fan of Austin Street becoming a mall, I would rather have a quality chain rather than an empty storefront. Having rows of empty stores is more detrimental then rows of chains.

  3. Yeah, it's always the fault of the greedy landlords. It's never the tenant who has overextended himself or mismanaged his business.

    1. not every business owner is sloppy with what they can afford.

  4. I agree, however this proves my point in a way. I am sure with as many independant owners who over extend themselves on Austin Street, there are also many responsible ones who know they cannot afford the rent. Then they open up shop on Metropolitan where the numbers make more sense.

  5. High rents can't be all to blame. Please explain to me why great mom-and-pop restaurants can open up in pricey Park Slope, Williamsburg, Astoria, East Village, etc., while pricey Austin St. is overrun by chains. It must be the suburban mentality of FH residents, who are too conservative to take a chance on anything new.

  6. I cant wait for this to open! I wrote to them on FB and they said if all goes well they should be opening by the end of the month but it doesn't seem that way from this picture..

  7. There are a lot of old school conservatives certainly, but there has been new blood moving in. Look at how popular and successful La Boulangerie is and how excited everyone has been with the opening of Jack and Nellie's. I think the neighborhood is becoming more progressive.

  8. Not against a Chipotle at this location which IMHO is a lot better than the businesses who existed here previously and this location will do very well.

    I have eaten at Chipotle before, and seen their business model and they have very nice upscale internal designs of their stores as well.

    If you go to a independent stores, interiors are worse, generally speaking and stores aren't as well designed nor consistency of business model.

    The Chipotle team who looked for potential locations did research and found this to be a good spot and it is.

  9. Chipotle is a good corporate citizen and eatery. Because it is corporate they can get a lot more accomplished and it is better by design.

    One can look across Queens Boulevard and find lots of independent Mexican places either mexican or chinese owned.

    Chipotle's decor's are much nicer and up to higher standards and offerings are made with more consistent and higher quality meats that can be done on a larger volume and supply chain scale.

    As a consumer and city dweller I would rather have a Chipotle than an independent.

    Chipotle fits in extremely well with the location selected. Location is right at the end of eatery row as well.