Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jack & Nellie's

Here's some vittles from my visit to Jack & Nellie's, our new restaurant/night spot over on Ascan. These were taken quite a few weeks ago, and I was just about to post them then and then Hurricane Sandy struck.

Overall, I like Jack & Nellie's. My friends and I agreed it's not really a place for dinner, unless you have a fat wallet and are willing to fill up on a lot of small plates. The food we had, and the wine, was very good. But it's more of a place you go with friends for some light snacks/dinner, drinks and good conversation in a very nice, laid back atmosphere.


  1. Nice photos Drake. I'm a big fan of Jack & Nellie's as well. Unlike you (and some others whom I've seen comment on various blogs), I feel it's a great spot for dinner. It's simply a Tapas style meal versus a more traditional dinner meal (ala Danny Brown's).

    I've purposely used DB's as an example as I feel the two establishments are reminiscent of one another.

    I've had "dinner" at Jack & Nellie's a few times since they've opened, always splitting plates with a friend.

    Two glasses of wine, a cheese plate, 3 small plates and dessert have come to ~ $40 - $45/person. I've always left feeling very satisfied (versus when the place was "Q", and I'd have to stop and the Chinese take-out in order to fill up!).

    A glass of wine, shared cheese board and dinner plate a DBs (I've never had dessert at DBs, for no reason in particular) easily runs me $50/person. I always leave DB's feeling well fed.

    In summary, I don't find the price points between the two establishments all that different in regards to the amount of food that you're consuming. It's simply a different type of meal.

    It's good to have options :)

  2. I love Jack & Nellie's. I agree with Susan - the tapas is bigger and richer tasting than anything I've eaten in stingier Manhattan wine bars. My friend and I split three dishes and it was so filling we ended up having a light dinner (think sushi) afterwards.

    Of course the wine is the chief attraction here but the tapas is still very, very good, if not "dinner-sized".

  3. Beer selection very good as well

  4. What's that in the first food picture? It doesn't seem to match up with anything on the menu that you previously posted, but it looks delicious!

    1. Pretty sure those were the meatballs. Quite delicious.

  5. The first picture is of the lamb meatballs. I was just at Jack & Nellies this weekend and instead of serving them over a Mediterranean salad, they were served over mashed potatoes. Yummy either way.