Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Lindsay Scenario?

At least one major meteorologist is now comparing the scenario unfolding with tomorrow's storm with the Sunday, February 9, 1969 storm, the one that tarnished Mayor Lindsay's reputation forever. The idea is that the changeover to rain that is being widely predicted for the NYC area, thus keeping accumulations down, will never occur. The result is we could get upwards of two feet of snow. This is just one prediction, mind you. However... here is the latest snowfall map from one of the weather models, hinting that this storm now taking shape is starting to zero in on the NYC area. Visit WeatherBell Analytics for more details.


  1. This is very exciting!

  2. Boy if this were true, I'd be a kid in a candy store! Love snow days. Thanks to Fohi, and the luxury of living in an apartment, I can hop on the train if necessary or simply walk in the deep white powder and grab me a cup of joe and a sammy (key food is NEVER closed) with no need to clean my car or curb... but I think they're hyping it up more than its actually going to be. Darn news media loves to shower us with doom and gloom. Where is the blizzard of 06!! Come back snow! :0)

    1. What he said and dont forget snow drinkins!