Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moca Open for Business

A long-time fan, I was happy to see that Moca is indeed open for business. Of course, extremely disappointed to hear about those health violations! I noticed the sign on the door says "Grade Pending." In any case, that apparently didn't keep loads of diners away from the place tonight as you can see below...


  1. Those diners aren't me. Some people in this area eat at horrible restaurants and they all have customers.

    1. Well dear...this is Queens

  2. Amazing..why would you go eat at a place that the health department just shut down? These people are clearly out of their minds.

  3. There is quite a difference between having a few minor defects and being shut down by the Dept of Health! Fortunately there is oversight by a city agency but what is going to prevent the current management and practices at the restaurant to revert back to sloppy conditions? This is not about the "taste" of the food there but the "tasteless" way diners were served from a deporable kitchen.

  4. Mocha is overpriced and most importantly not good at all.

  5. Sushi Innnnnn Spaaaaaaace.