Friday, May 31, 2013

Kung Fu Tea

This new tea place opened down near the Barnes & Noble on Austin St....


  1. I never understand why somebody would spend the time and effort and money to open a store only to have it look like a toilet inside.

  2. A lot of people associate bright white with clean and energizing, which can be appealing. Plus it makes the bright colors in the signs on the window pop a bit more. It's not exciting design, but it's certainly not horrible.

  3. I've been there and it's good. They have a couple of locations in flushing and I think this place will do well.

  4. I thought it had already closed own.

  5. There is one in Chinatown. Always busy. Awesome tea!

  6. This place has been opened for a few months. The one thing that turned me off is the fact (and I dont know if its still the case), they only take cash. Who opens a location in Forest Hills and not accept credit cards? Even some of the vendors on the farmers market take credit cards for crying out loud! I know the appeal of only taking cash (i.e. evading taxes), but for someone who barely carries physical cash, it's a big no no for me.

    Drinks were good :0)

    - D

    1. Some retailers don't take credit cards because the credit card companies charge a fee per transaction that, for the most part, the retailer cannot charge back to the customer without changing their base price. Smaller retailers that don't sell expensive items don't have the kind of cash flow that would support paying fees for every little purchase so if they do take credit, usually there is a minimum amount they require to make the sale worth the cost of the credit card fee. Seeing that the tea shop only sells tea and you'd most likely only spend a couple dollars there in one visit, it would take a huge chunk out of their profit margin the pay the fee for $2 sale and if they had a minimum, it would likely be seldom met. Since the tea shop is a licensed business, tax evasion is probably low on their list of priorities. For your information, many stores in FoHi don't take credit. Nick's, FayDa, Gotta Getta Bagel and AJ pizzeria are a few.