Monday, June 10, 2013

Station House: "New York's Latest Must-Visit Establishment"

Whoa! Thanks to Kristen over at Queens Mamas for alerting me to this! And a big congrats to Station House!

From Radar Online:
Start Spreadin’ The News: The Station House Is New York’s Latest Must-Visit Establishment
New York’s the gold standard of bars and restaurants in the country, and The Station House in Forest Hills is the latest must-visit when in the area, with a unique atmosphere and variety of special whiskeys and beers that’s second-to-none.


  1. C'mon, drake. it's a paid advertisement. Radar online has zero integrity.

    1. "Integrity" from a celebrity gossip website?

      That's not the point.

      What is the point?

      1) Station House really is a great place with great people working there, so I have no problem in publicizing it some more

      2) Let's say this is a "paid advertisement" as you put it, the fact that doing so — as if every other new place that opens in NYC doesn't do the same thing — would even be on the "radar" of the proprietor of this new establishment says boat loads about how our neighborhood is changing.

    2. I mean a lot of us believe Forest Hills is NYC's best kept secret. It's one of the City's great neighborhoods but it's been neglected for so long when it comes to great places to eat and drink.

      Who knows if it's genuine, or was paid for? But that's really not the point, is it? Lets say you're right and it was paid for, the fact that establishments that know how to market themselves in the modern era are finally starting to open here is what is really exciting about this. Not necessarily the Radar story itself. Forest Hills is finally joining the rest of the City and entering the new millennium. 13 years late, yes, but better late than never.

      In any case, having been to Station House a few times and loved it every time, I am thrilled to see it get the positive press it's getting.

  2. I did and i'm not talking about that one. Radar Online is a national gossip rag, why would they be doing a story on station house in forest hills? It's written like a paid advetorial but thanks for posting them.

    1. Sorry, I changed my reply on you. See my new one above :)

    2. Oh, and one other thing, this really forces the other places that are already here, or those that are thinking of opening here, to really step up their game.

      No more sad legacy diners that give you a plop of mayonnaise and celery and call it shrimp salad (you now who you are :(.

      No, I think those days are over for Austin St. and vicinity. Not when we have a place of the caliber of Station House just a block or two away (along with so many of the other great places that have recently opened). You can't deny that. I mean, you can, but I wouldn't agree with you :)

  3. Fair enough. Thanks for the reply(s), Drake. With J&N, keuka, Banter, SH and flying pig (and buffalo wild wings coming) we're very lucky. And Bonfire and Tap House are still good. I like Station House; I like Banter better, but that's just my opinion. I think SH also needs to give its managers a tutorial on how to change a channel within 15 minutes. I know that sounds like nitpicking, but asking them to put on a game can be like torture. It shouldnt be that much of a struggle. When you have more than 3 TV's channel changing them should be a mandatory training exercise for whoevers job it is.