Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wings Almost Ready to Fly

As Buffalo Wild Wings rushes to complete its new Forest Hills location I noticed they seem to have dedicated the street level portion to a separate entrance just for take-out. Now I could be wrong, and they're just advertising their tasty take-out capability on the doors below. But given how that space is set up, I am thinking it's a dedicated take-out space, kinda like what Junior's Times Square does. (Awesome place btw, if you haven't gone.) Every once in a while along comes a restaurant in FoHi that seems to really get it. And BWW is definitely off to a good start. Because if New Yorkers like one thing, it's take out! BWW's massive space makes it easier for them to do this, but boy how I wish some of our really excellent local restaurants would do the same. Isn't it annoying when you go to pick some food up at a restaurant and you feel like a pariah being forced to go stand in a corner while everyone's dining around you?


  1. I think you're right. Those doors are for take out, and the others are for eat in. They're gunning to be open by July 4th.

  2. They have that ability because there wasn't anything they could have done with that small space on the ground floor.

  3. Agree with Anonymous #2--also relieves congestion upstairs and might tempt people walking by on the way home from work to do a last-minute dinner order.

  4. another seller of diabetes and colon cancer in an alcohol soaked environment with all the appeal of a toilet

  5. Perhaps some of the long time eateries here will get up off their ass and renovate their run-down establishments
    Competition has come a callimg baby, so it's time to sink or swim!

    1. They'll likely sink.

  6. Buffalo Wild Wings is just another expansion of a chain for food finding a way to utilize a property in Queens.