Friday, July 12, 2013

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

They've been handing these out in front of the place, which has its grand opening July 15th...


  1. While I had high hopes for what potentially "could have been", I was ok with BWW coming in to the neighborhood. Not really my cup of tea, but it offers some level of entertainment options that don't currently exist in the neighborhood.

    Since Drake posted the menu, I decided to reach out to BWW for their nutritional content. They don't provide this info on their website, but they do send it to you upon request.

    Positive comment - I received the info I requested within 30 minutes of asking for it.

    I have a sodium restriction, so this type of establishment was a huge long shot for me to begin with. With that said, I usually can find something to eat anywhere.

    Until now.

    Not a place that I will be visiting unfortunately. It's a little appalling that in this day and age single meals have 2,000 - 5,000 mg/sodium.

    1. Aw, just as I feared. Good on their part to send you the information right away, but the sodium content is appalling. Total shame, but not surprised. Thanks for the research, another good nutritional tidbit from my favorite ex-blogger.

      - D

    2. Thanks D :)
      The lowest sodium items on their menu (excluding the "kids" meals) were -

      black bean burger - 700 mg
      salad with grilled chicken - 1000 mg
      hamburger - 1020 mg

      Some of their burger and fries combos are as high as 3900 mg. They have a combo-wing order that has 6270 mg of sodium and sandwiches as high as 4760 mg. The small order of boneless wing -- 3,310 mg of sodium.

      It's menus like this that make me take my hat off to McDonald's, for at least making an effort. A McD hamburger - 480 mg sodium.

      Shame on BWW.

  2. Their wings are quite tasty (even if it is a minute on the lips and a lifetime on the hips). Was running to the bank yesterday at around 12:30pm and heard they were offering free lunch as part of their training program for the wait staff. I went on in and ordered the Honey Bbq Salad and the five piece boneless wings with the Asian Zing sauce (which btw, has quite the zing). The staff was very nice and friendly, the food was good and being that I work and live in Forest Hills, it's nice to have some place new.

    I give it two wings up :)

  3. Can I barf now? These are the types of places that are making Americans obese.

  4. I'll give the wings a try - and continue the slow road to obesity - just to see how hot I can go. I wonder if there are ways to reduce the sodium on some dishes. It is worth asking. ...We do not need more burgers in this town. Why not add some fro yo to the menu? We really need more of that!

  5. Lots of ways to reduce sodium in dishes, but for a chain like this, they follow specific recipes. Hence, why I'm so impressed with McDonald's, who really is doing a good job trying to make fast food healthier.

    They are truly one of the few chains that has made a commitment to specifically reduce sodium in their meals.