Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening Date

As good a way as any to find out I guess. You'd think maybe they'd put this up on the door of the place, too. Luckily my eagle-like eyes are on the job for you guys!


  1. Nothing exciting at all. Forest Hills has turned into one big dining hall designed to profit.

    If there are customers for it over there that is fine. But if you look at Forest Hills retail, everything that goes on in this community is lame.

  2. It is called business and the chains apparently do quite well financially since the firm has expanded and the locations that it has do quite well and are often packed.

    The masses may be tasteless, but if they are willing to fork up dollars for it, Buffalo Wild Wings is on the receiving end of that.

    There is a lot of competition and repetition here for restaurants without anything quality in nature.

  3. Though I don't think this place is anything to write home about, insulting the Webmaster by saying he has no taste is tasteless itself. At least he makes an effort to inform us with this site. You, on the other hand, just whine.

  4. Having run a blog myself for ~ 3 years, I know first hand that it is indeed a time commitment and kudos to Drake for doing such a good job in bringing information to the Forest Hills community.

    It's unfortunate that forums/blogs in general are met with such a huge amount of negativity by posters. Nevertheless, it's a fact of the electronic age.

    Personally, I feel there are many positives taking place in Forest Hills, that generally outweigh the negatives.

    While like RayRay, BWW may not be my preference, over the past month I've had good experiences eating in places like Jack & Nellies, Banter and Station House. I've also taken advantage of what New York Magazine considers the best baguette in New York at our own La Boulangerie, and have been lucky to find a very hard-to-come-by seasonal cheese (Winnemere by Jasper Hill Farm)at Mr. Vino.

    The farmers market has gotten off to a great start and I'm looking forward to once again seeing live music at the West Side Tennis Club.

    Is everything perfect? Of course not. Still to many empty stores on Austin Street, and there seems to be a horrible lack of trash containers. The litter on the street seems worse than ever.

    1. Austin St. is far cleaner than many other busy commerical streets I've seen in Queens. Every time I visit Jackson Heights, Steinway, etc., I feel like taking a shower. Grateful to be in FoHi!

  5. It may well be that our streets are cleaner than other areas of Queens, but I still feel we're in dire need of more (enclosed) trash containers. Much rather see the money put there than in to the metal benches that have sprouted up (which seems to be an excuse for people to leave more trash around).