Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yes, I Had Some Wings...

I took the plunge and tried some of them new Buffalo Wild Wings.

Well, let's see, I liked them, I mean REALLY liked them—for like the first 20 minutes. Quite tasty. And then, once the hunger subsided and my body came to terms with what I had just eaten, I realized I would not be back for quite a while. But then again, I'm no college student anymore! I have reached an age where I have to be concerned about, umm,: my weight, my blood sugar, my sodium intake, cholesterol, oh, heck, just about everything!

But, hey, if you happen to be of chicken wings-eating age (oh, say 21 and under), go get 'em, they sure are tasty! But for me, the way I look at it, Friday's, Applebee's, any of these huge restaurant chains, they're all pretty much the same. And really, for me, what's important is eating as healthy as possible. I think I'll stick with Banter and one of their scrumptious salads or sandwiches. Just had the shrimp in a pita for lunch today. Awesome!

Oh, and one other thing, they definitely picked the right location for Buffalo Wild Wings. That place was PACKED this afternoon, right around 5p.m., during a heat wave no less. Any other location in Forest Hills, like on Austin, and this place just would not fit in. But right next to the subway—it's a no-brainer. Smart!


  1. For a local blogger who prides himself on his love of great local fare, I still don't get your fascination with this place. It's a huge chain, serving mediocre and downright unhealthy food. It's like your gushing over Chipotle. Do you want to support Banter, La Boulangerie, Exo, Station House, Flying Pig, Jack & Nellies, etc, or do you want to support a chain that frankly isn't all that great. It's a schizophrenic position.

  2. I guess we should appreciate any new place opening up, but I see no reason to rejoice over yet another chain store. I don't get the enthusiasm over Chipotle either, since there are tons of them in Manhattan. A neighborhood is only worth visiting if it offers unique restaurants that no other place offers (i.e., see Williamsburg, Astoria, etc.). There is only one 5 Burro. If Chipotle-atics drive 5 Burro out of business, that will be unforgivable.

  3. I'm not a big fan of chain restaurants because the food is so unhealthy, but I do crave fried foods on occasion so I'll probably stop in at some point. Just moved to FH a few months ago from Nolita. So far happy with the neighborhood, but disappointed the only coffee hangout is Starbucks.

  4. The wife and I took the kids here on Saturday for lunch because we have never been to a BWW and we were curious to see what they did with the space. After looking at the menu, I could only order a snack size of wings as the small's calorie count was frightening. The beer selection was fine. I wanted a side but the menu was limited. I opted for mac n'cheese (which indicated to use caution because it was hot) which was cold and gross. The places has so many TV's but I had to ask for them to put on the Mets game. You would think a sports bar in Queens would just have the game on. I will go to Manor Octoberfest for wings or just make them at home.

  5. Why why all this emotion over a wings joint? Really, if someone eats at BWW then shops locally, that's got to be a good thing. Craved spinach pie yesterday (yeah, in a heat wave, go figure) and Corfu hit the spot. I really like them but will try the wings place someday. No big deal.