Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stadium Preparations Continue

A reader sent in these new photos of the preparations continuing at the Stadium for the Mumford concert in two weeks. He adds:
"Tremendous progress on the Stadium renovation. It appears most of the rusty railings have been sanded and painted blue along with patch up of the cement columns. Also, the new entrance has been paved and a permanent gate."


  1. I just got my tickets yesterday. The tickets came with a list of "rules" telling us to take public transportation, alerting that there is no parking and streets are private. Supposedly they are working with the MTA too to add service to accommodate. Im glad I can walk to the show!

    Tickets also note a 10pm curfew.

  2. Anybody know what happened with the owner of the Flying Pig selling Tap House and Morrisons on Metropolitan Avenue?

  3. It's killing me that I can't make this show. If it was just one night sooner I could've made it work...

    1. Don't worry Thomas, hopefully there'll be others if all goes well with this one. They're supposedly planning several for next year alone, so you'll be enjoying music under the stars in FoHi before you know it.