Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Greenmarket Update

One of the people who runs the Forest Hills Greenmarket told me Sunday that it's looking good that it will be extended from ending on December 29th to continuing through the winter, becoming year-round from now on. But as one reader said in an email to me, it's probably a good idea to get as many signatures on the petition about this. So, if you like our Greenmarket and would like to see it extended year-round, please stop by their information table this Sunday and ask to sign the petition. 

The Greenmarket worker also told me that the fact that a new vendor just started this past Sunday makes it look more likely that it will be continuing year-round. The new vendor is Garden of Eve, which sells organic produce. They were located in front of the Forest Hills Jewish Center this past Sunday (down where Bread Alone is usually located, for those of you who are Greenmarket regulars):


  1. The crowds are thinning out already as winter approaches. Can't see it open in the thick of the harsh weather season. Only a handful of customers would come out.

    1. That wasn't my experience this past Sunday. I finally managed to get there early enough to score some milk and was a little surprised by how crowded it is before noon-time. It was a challenge to get to the front of some of those lines!

  2. network/status quo being cleaned out and torn down inside.

  3. Fresh veggies in January! Finally, something to get excited about!

  4. They need to do a better job cleaning up the mess at the end of the day. Sure, everything is placed in the sole garbage bin, but it either overflows or the wind knocks everything to the ground. Otherwise, this seems to have been a positive for everyone.