Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CNN Ponders What's News

Huh? Am I missing something? CNN covers the news? Um, since when? If that's what's considered news today we're seriously screwed as a nation..( I resisted using a much stronger word there because of my Uncle who apparently reads this blog out there in Los Angeles and doesn't like when I curse I hear).

Zucker plans massive change at CNN
Anyway, this is from a new website called 'Capital' about New York City politics. Worth checking out. But they're not off to a great start by the peculiar point of view they seem to hold in this particular story! When I read the headline I thought to myself, "Finally! He gets it! When we turn on CNN we want to watch the news! You know, like they used to do, when they had reporters and they went out into the world and like covered the news and shit?"

And then I read the article... crap....

Oh, and by the way, while I'm on the subject of TV, I'm still mighty pissed about this...(is 'pissed' a curse?)


  1. CNN Int'l is far superior to its domestic cousin. The American populace doesn't care about news - it only cares about opinion. Hence the rise of Fox and MSNBC, both of which are not news channels.

    1. Dont criticize MSNBC or CNN on this blog. . Fox is ok.

    2. What's Fox?

      I only criticize things that there is hope for. CNN used to be an actual news channel. Before they hired all these egotistical "personality" talking heads and as a result destroyed their ratings in the process. Sorry, but when I turn on the TV to watch the news, I want to see the news, not some actor telling me his or her opinion about the news. And I certainly don't want to see him or her giggling about the news.

      As for MSNBC, when it does the news it does it well. But it's been a personalty-based network for so long, I'll give them a pass.

      Fox = pravda. Fascists, liers, scumbags, and morons. Actually, morons is a compliment.

    3. Hyperbole will get you no where Drake. It's unbecoming.

      CNN hasn't been an actual news channel for 20 years.

      And if you're going to call someone (or in this case some entity) a liar, at the very least spell the damn word correctly.

      MSNBC and Fox News are basically two sides to the same coin. And while I do agree that Fox is worse than MSNBC, the criticism I have for MSNBC is primarily that they are frequently bias in their reporting. Reporting itself shouldn't be bias - just facts. Both Fox News and MSNBC are guilty of the same crime, mainly using, misusing, or neglecting facts to sell a story that may not be the complete factual account of what's going on behind the story.

      Hack jobs all around.

  2. If you want to see the decline of a print medium, read the New York Daily News online. It used to be a low-key, working man's paper. Now it's shrill and hysterical, more like the National Inquirer and even worse, at times, than the New York Post (which is a hard act to top, I have to admit).

  3. I really miss when CNN was strictly a news channel, had them on all the time. I guess they had to remain competitive, even if it meant dumbing down their programming. Classic journalism is dying. It's all spin now.

  4. How can you be pissed about a character dying that should have died very long ago. In the comic, Hershel dies when Rick chops off his leg - you know in some semblance of reality.