Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Most Improved Restaurant of the Year

Friends kept urging us to go back to Bonfire Grill on Austin St. We had stopped going there, oh, about a year after they opened. We had gone several times, but found the place just failed at some of the most basic dishes, like chicken sandwiches and the like. (You can tell, when I don't dig a restaurant or business, I don't blog about them at all.)

But, at our friends' urging, we gave it another shot recently and I'm really glad we did. The whole place seems to have changed. The menu is different. And the food—it's gone from a C to an A! So, I'm announcing our inaugural "Most Improved Restaurant of the Year Award." And am happy to give it to Bonfire Grill!

I'm really glad to see Bonfire having improved so much given that it was early in the recent wave of new restaurants that have come into our neighborhood. It was really disappointing to have to admit that it just wasn't that great in the months after it opened. It was one of those places that just looked so much better than the food was. I'm glad to see the food has caught up with the appearance! It's now a more than worthy challenger to Banter for best all-around casual restaurant in central FoHi.


Nachos - to die for, and enormous!
Salads (Grilled chicken is excellent)

Bonfire's awesome new grilled chicken salad

Bonfire's grilled chicken sandwich - enormously improved!


  1. They need to work on their lighting. It's too dark in there!

  2. Nothing like a little competition to make mediocre Forest Hills eateries to up their game. Thanks to Banter, Station House and company, crappy places like Garcia's have disappeared and "good enough" places like Bonfire are feeling the heat. Yes!!

  3. Survival of the fittest...

  4. Been like this for months.

  5. I've noticed the improvement, too. They're one of my favorites now!

  6. Had brunch at Bonfire last Sunday, my second time there. Good food, good service, will go back. Small thing though: nobody offered us refills of our coffee or tea. Boohoo!

  7. Went by today and the place looked closed or ready for construction. All windows had black tarp covering them. Also ice cream store next door looks cleared out. I wonder if Bon Fire is expanding?