Monday, December 9, 2013

Queens Boulevard Winter Wander

Marching Toward a People-friendly Queens Boulevard
“Winter Wander” Rally and Walk to Highlight Safety Proposals for Hazardous Corridor

For decades, Queens Boulevard has been notorious as one of the most dangerous speedways in the five boroughs. But this weekend, the so-called “Boulevard of Death” will be the site of a leisurely — and safe — walk for area residents, as Transportation Alternatives’ Queens Activist Committee hosts the Queens Boulevard Winter Wander.

The event kicks off in Elmhurst with a community discussion about T.A.'s Zero on Queens Boulevard Campaign, which advocates for pedestrian safety improvements along the corridor, including bike infrastructure and dedicated lanes for Select Bus Service (SBS). The Winter Wander continues with a group walk along the Boulevard toward Forest Hills. Local street safety advocates will discuss the history of the roadway and the dangers faced by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike.

About the Zero on Queens Boulevard Campaign

With more than 40 coalition partners and 2,000 petition signatures, the Zero on Queens Boulevard Campaign is poised to make major gains in early 2014. Local residents, small business owners and community leaders are calling on area community boards to support a street redesign to save lives and strengthen the local economy.

WHAT: Queens Boulevard Winter Wander

WHEN: Saturday, December 14th, 1 pm- 3:30pm

WHERE: Kicks off at: New Life Fellowship Church, 8210 Queens Blvd, Elmhurst

WHO: Transportation Alternatives and Concerned Queens Community Members,
Open to the Public



  1. A very worthy cause. Thanks for the info.

  2. don't cross outside the cross walk
    two weeks ago i almost hit someone crossing in the middle of the islands. it was in the morning and sun was in my eyes

    1. you probably almost hit me. It was almost 9 AM in front of TD bank. you used the you were in my blind spot excuse but you were most likely not paying attention.

    2. around 8:30am. i was paying attention but the sun's glare when driving east makes it hard to see. i usually take the GCP service road but that day i took queens blvd. didn't see you until i almost hit you.

    3. Yeah, well watch where you going. I've be crossing QB for 30 years and then never happened bef or even close. PAY ATTENTION!

  3. Pedestrians can't rely on drivers to look out for them and drivers can't rely on pedestrians to yield. You just have to assume every man for himself.

    1. Exactly, which is why it is so important to study a redesign of the Boulevard to use road designs that help to slow cars down to the speed limit, provide safer areas for pedestrians and provide dedicated room for mass transit. There is a whole toolbox of designs that can create elements that cause cars, pedestrians and bicyclists to operate more safely and more predictably. We need those elements here.

    2. i grew up on QB before the fences and long walk signals and parking in the outer lanes. at some point people need to take responsibility. i'm all for the changes they made 13 years ago to slow traffic but at this point there is nothing to change. sure some cars speed, especially going opposite of rush hour traffic. i support the red light cameras but the cops need to get out there and start catching people who drive like maniacs and the bikers who break almost every traffic law there is as well instead of creating misery for most of us who drive and never hurt anyone

      and ironically, 13 years ago when they first put up those fences, someone died right away. crossing out of the crosswalk and jumping over the fence. a 68 year old person. he fell jumping over the fence, literally 50 feet from a cross walk an into traffic