Friday, August 7, 2015

Photos from The New York Pops Inaugural Concert at Forest Hills Stadium

Here are some photos from last night's wonderful concert at The Stadium, with special guest star Sutton Foster. The weather really cooperated for the Pops' first concert here at their new summer home. The show was just terrific, a blend of classic Broadway music with pop entertainment (everyone really got into the TV theme montage!), and even a good dose of tap dancing!

After seeing the concert last night, I feel like we are so very lucky to have had this modern cultural treasure choose our neighborhood for its new summer home, to bring this kind of wonderful entertainment to within walking distance of where we live.

If you weren't able to make last night's show, well, the Pops are back for an encore performance tonight. I think there are some tickets still available at the Stadium's website. Trust me, you'll have a great time!

And more coverage of this and other concerts to come!

In fact, if you were at the James Taylor concert Tuesday night, please send in your photos to I have some that I took, but they weren't the greatest shots I assure you.

(Photo by Richard Termine)
The New York Pops Conductor Steven Reineke and Sutton Foster  (Photo by Richard Termine)
The incomparable Sutton Foster  (Photo by Damien Bosco)
The New York Pops Conductor Steven Reineke (Photo by Richard Termine)
The crowd had an amazing time. (Photo by Damien Bosco)
Sutton Foster dancing with special guest Colin Donnell. (Photo by Damien Bosco)
Sutton Foster dancing with special guest Colin Donnell. (Photo by Damien Bosco)
Special guest Megan McGinnis  (Photo by Damien Bosco)
The New York Pops' awesome Conductor Steven Reineke (Photo by Damien Bosco)


  1. I would love to see this, but after spending 70 bucks to sit on an aluminum bleacher bench with an obstructed view for James Taylor, I'm not too keen on returning to this venue. That was far too much money to spend for seating that would be considered inadequate at a high-school football game. If they'd been offered for 10 bucks, sure. They need to rethink that.

    1. Laurie, at $10 per ticket, the venue can't afford to pay the artists, crew or maintenance of the stadium.

      Bring a pillow next time to sit. Or if you can, pick better seats when purchasing tickets.

    2. For aluminum bleachers, $70 is too much. Your snooty "well maybe you shouldn't be so poor..." attitude won't change that. I saw James Taylor at MSG a few months ago for $45 and had an actual seat (with a much better view). And you can't bring pillows, or blankets, or anything else in with you. BTW, "maintenance of the stadium" leaves a lot to be desired. It's filthy and crumbling. Perhaps our borough president should consider putting a few dollars toward improving that situation. Although nothing could make it forgivable to charge $70 for an aluminum bleacher bench.

    3. Laurie, The Stadium is far from the way you describe it. I spent three awesome nights there this week and at no time found it to be either "filthy" or "crumbling," as you put it. I debated whether to even publish your comment at all because it is so untrue based on my own personal experiences at our Stadium. If you are upset with the way someone replied to you that is one thing, but please don't distort reality or exaggerate to make your point. You should try to be fair to the many people who have worked so hard to bring back this neighborhood treasure.

    4. Drake:

      Many thanks for that thoughtful and accurate response to an unfair post. I also was at two of the concerts this week and I found the venue far from crumbing, in fact it was magical, charming and extremely functional. The Stadium is 92 years old and it will never have luxury reclining seating with cup holders. Be thankful we can see major talent that we can walk to !

    5. I've been at 2 shows this summer at the Stadium.

      The first was The Who. Purchased 12 row tickets. Yes, they were pricey. We had very comfortable seating, but truth is, everyone was on their feet the entire time (including for Joan Jett, who was awesome!).

      Last Thursday I purchased a $10 ticket, way up yonder, to see Sutton Foster and the New York Pops.

      It's pretty basic stadium seating. Not the most comfortable and a little tight (between rows), but heck .... it was $10! We were roughly 20 rows in front of the last row, and I was actually surprised how good the view was, and very surprised how good the sound quality was considering it's an outdoor venue.

      As for the stadium itself, there has been a great deal of work that has gone into it. I was on Center Court not long before they started to conversion.

      We're lucky to have this venue in our neighborhood. I'm sure there will be those who complain, but the vast majority of the feedback I've heard has been very positive.

  2. For the New York Pops' concerts, there actually are seats available for $10., or tonight, go to the walk-up purchase/will-call tent at the corner of Burns St and Tennis Place

  3. Triple threat. :)

    Glad there was good weather for this!

  4. About half the seats were empty. Tickets were dirt cheap, and many tickets were given away for free. Hopefully more people will attend the NY Pops concerts next year. It was a spectacular performance!

  5. Spread the word and the crowd will be bigger next year!